The Premium Cotton

From the Thai communities

Why is it cotton?

The cotton is the most popular cloth usage. It is suitable for the countries in tropical zone because it is comfortable to wear. The cotton is from cotton fiber of cotton tree which can grow very well in the tropical countries. In Thailand, northern and northeastern people favor to cultivate a lot of cottons. The fruits of cotton will spring of fluffy cotton bolls when they are mature. The crops are picked and separated from seeds and peel. Then, the pure cotton bolls are separated to be the cotton fibers and threads for weaving. The qualities of the cotton include rather sticky texture, less flexibility, easy deformation, easy shrinkage, good absorption, good ventilation, quickly cooling, easy cleaning, and good heat resistance. So that, the cotton could be boiled, bleached, and ironed by high heat usage. The cotton has many grades of textures from light to thick and heavy texture. You can choose to use them on your demand.

Choose the best cotton from the best source.

Encourage local products (merchandises). To forward country economy

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